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Alyona Azernaya



Alyona Azernaya was born in 1966 in Ekaterinburg, 3 ░ city of Russia, Ekaterinburg has always been a place of political and artistic excitement, following the example of its elder sister, St Petersburg.

First graduated in Architecture, Alyona Azernaya completed art critic's diploma, then she dashes at the beginning of the 90s into the creation.

Experimenting various techniques she associates representational compositions and abstract compositions, creating a universe sometimes dreamlike, sometimes symbolic,

A personal world, where Slavic mythologies, traditional Russian tales and biblical narratives, mix themselves together.

A na´ve and assured drawing, symbolizing the fragility of man on earth and his trust in life.

Deep, generous, bright colors, representing a powerful and maternal nature.

Blue colors, dark and cold as night, soft and soothing as water, crossed by a glitter of light,

Tiny gold nuggets which enlighten paintings, ritual offerings to the Slavic divinities, imperfect and rough, but always friendly and present.

Purple, carmine, ochre, whole litany of petals, leaves and berries, which enchant the forest in summer, a new liturgy for a Christianity ignoring the sin and the suffering, only enlightened by the look of Marie, icon of Woman, Mother, Love, Life.